Ptl. Waverly "Chipper" Brown

Waverly Brown was a happy-go-lucky generous man who was nicknamed "Chipper". According to a fellow officer "he had absolutely no enemies". He kept a garden and liked to cook. Before reporting to work each day Brown would stop off at the local Grand Union and buy groceries. The police station had a kitchen and Brown would prepare meals for the other cops on his shift. He had a seventeen year-old son and two grown daughters who were serving, as he did, in the United States Air Force. He had a girlfriend in Nyack (Brown was separated from his wife). His mother, Dorothy DeLoatch, lived in Lawrenceville, Virginia, the small southern town where she was born sixty-seven years before the robbery. She had returned there after spending thirty years in Nyack, working at Rockland State Hospital and raising three children. Brown liked to help out with the garden whenever he visited her. She had a small vegetable garden in which she grew corn, peas, lettuce and squash. He was well liked in Lawrenceville and was once asked to join the local police force, but he loved his job in Nyack, where he had the reputation of being a good street cop. Today, Waverly's son Gregory carries on his father's tradition as a police officer with the United States Postal Police.

(Credit John Castelluci, "The Big Dance", Dodd, Meade and Company, Publisher)